Engineering Accreditation Committee

Distinguished Engineering Level Program

The distinguishing program of the engineering professionals and practitioners is being undertaken at AEA. In this approach, Afghan engineering professors inside and outside the country are accompanying us. So far since a year we have established all the formalities required in terms of the standard operating procedures. AEA approach for such a national process is based on the need in the Afghan engineering industry and related private and public enterprises. Such an approach that other countries have been undertaking, has not been yet seen in Afghanistan.

So AEA is going to lead this process and elaborate it successfully. Thousands of engineers are being graduated every year from various universities at large cities of Afghanistan and as well as remote provinces. Although, all the universities offer B.Sc degrees to the graduates, but obviously the professional and practical level of understanding of the graduates differ.

To distinguish the interfaces that pin point the levels, we are planning to analyze the potential of each individual in terms, high educations, experience, scientific work, and the results of the written, practical tests and the presentation he/she is going to have.

The Afghan engineers attending this process will have the following benefits:

  • According to his/her distinguished level, he/she will have the understanding of his/her privileges he/she deserves in the organization where he is employed
  • Distinguished engineers will easily have the opportunity to be placed as an employee
  • Shortcomings in terms of his/her knowledge of his particular area of interest of engineering will be explored and he/she will take capacity development courses at AEA so that he/she could eliminate the problem

This approach will definitely affect as a whole the academic credibility of the Afghan professional and academic family, specially the Engineering Industry Family of Afghanistan.

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