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Civil and Environmental Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services is joined with Alpha United Group Construction & Engineering (AUG) have though a team of experience professional and aggressive pursuit of new technology (AEA&AUG) engineering and Consultancy Company has built long-term relationships with industry partners and clients. We bring integrity, innovation and quality to every project, our firm prides itself in providing quick response to all site consideration we also offer highly competitive pricing through the design permitting and construction process.

AEA (Afghanistan Engineers Association):

  • AEA is a fast-growing and young leading firm behind privately owned design and trainings company in Afghanistan.
  • The company is 100% owned by afghan, quality services in the field of design and trainings for a diverse group of clients both national and international nationwide.
  • Its shareholders collectively represent several years of experience in design and trainings. It has a team of dedicated professionals experienced in providing high-quality services.
  • The key factors that contribute to the company’s success are quality, cost- effectiveness and teamwork.
  • It’s a special firm, young, growing and a strong team.
  • AEA is an Afghan non-governmental Civil and Environmental engineering consulting firm serving since 2008 and headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • We are devoted to provide high quality and innovative professional services across the full civil and environmental engineering spectrum (survey, design & technical trainings}, succeeds its activities in accordance with the customary laws of the country, tradition, international standards, and client’s requirements.
  • Performing all kinds of civil and environmental engineering activities, to wit: horizontal and vertical structures (Transportation, Environmental, Architectural, and Structural Engineering discipline} for government and non-government organizations, donor agencies and the like.
  • AEA puts its expertise into action for its clients in order to ensure their satisfaction. We have professional business focus and commitment to realize our client’s goals through technical and effective services.
  • We are highly keen to provide engineering services to contribute in the rehabilitation/reconstruction efforts of Afghanistan within our technical and financial capacity.

1- Our vision and Statements:

  • To be the most reliable and efficient design and trainings services provider. Offering a broad spectrum of related services and goods committed to service.
  • To become the partner of choice in developing of Afghanistan through,
  • Dedication to provide quality service and support
  • Earn the trust and respect of our business partners and help support their success
  • Add value to our customers’ operation beyond price

3- Our values:

  • Our company’s work is based on the philosophy of delivering quality, cost- effectiveness, safety and integrity. These principles continue to guide our efforts in providing services to both international and national clients. We firmly believe that our reputation has been achieved through proven ability to deliver on each of above pledges

4- Our approach:

  • We offer a fully integrated service from a fully committed and equipped team, capable of meeting every related need. Regardless of client requirement, our approach remains the same. Our first priority is to gain a thorough understanding of the requirements of client’s business and then efficiently dealing with each task as they present themselves.
  • In order to provide high-quality services to our valued clients we have assembled a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in design and trainings to offer our potential in providing following services.

2- Our mission:

  • To be the only choice, providing all clients with the highest level of service and offering an excellent service orientated approach in addressing all their design and trainings and solutions, with a comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction.
  • To build relationships with our clients by gaining a thorough understanding of their business in assessing their current and forecasting their future requirements, thereby sharing their vision and assisting by developing and realizing the vision with them.
  • To be the source of professional engineering services in the region.
  • To be the market leading supplier of engineering survey, design, and career training services.
  • To participate in capacity building services in the country.
  • To deliver steady solutions to our customers that enhances their productivity and efficiency.
  • To progressively elaborate our business processes and productivity.

1) Sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Construction
  • Environmental

2) Range of Service’s:

  •  Structures Engineering
    • Foundation design
    • Grounds design
    • Infrastructure design
  •  Transportations Engineering
    • Airfield Runway design
    • Roads and bridges design
  •  Environmental Engineering
  1. Hydrology “Surface Water Analysis”
  2. Hydrogeology “Ground Water Analysis”
  3. Urban Hydrology “Storm Water Analysis”
  4. Hydraulics design
  5. Watershed Management
  6. Sewer shed Management
  7. Flood study
  • Flood Risk Analysis
  • Flood Plains Management
  1. Irrigation
  • Irrigation Canals Design
  • Irrigation Network Design
  • Drip Irrigations System Design
  • Surface Irrigation System Design
  1. Water Supply
  • Urban Water Supply
  • Towns Water Supply
  • Buildings Water Supply


  1. Land Survey
  2. Topographic Survey
  3. Utility Survey
  4. Quantity Survey
  5. Measured Building Survey
  6. Setting Out
  7. Cadastral Survey
  8. Inventory Survey (Operation & Maintenance)
  9. Operation and Maintenance
  10. Vertical Structures
  11. Road and Airfield Runway Pavements
  12. Road Structures
  13. Hydraulics Structures

Design Services

AEA consultants with many years of experiences are waiting to serve you with:

  • Transportation
  • Environmental
  • Architectural
  • Structural

3) Targeted Activities:

  • Construction Project management
  • Technical approval and adoptions
  • Technical trainings
  • Design consultation
  • Construction Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Site identification and appraisal
  • Preliminary and detailed design


We provide clients a wide variety of engineering design services including but is not limited to foundations, grounds, masonry structures, earthen or embankment dams, roads, highways, runways, bridge, hydrological, hydraulics, infrastructures, irrigation structures, canals (irrigation, water supply & flood diversion or control), sewer systems, water supply, pipelines, buildings (public, commercial & residential), and special-purpose structures.
We have a preeminent understanding of local practice in construction industry as well as prescribed international standards in the region. So, join us if you want comprehensive, timely manner, cost effective, according to international standard and costumer satisfied design services.
Today’s competitive construction company has increased the demand for better design concepts, improving construction programs and lower maintenance costs.
AEA provides the professional and technical a skill of plan design and supervises the construction of a wide range of structures. We aim to provide our clients with the best and most up-to-date advice, whether employed in the traditional role of the engineer of the more recently popular arrangements such as design and technical trainings.
AEA undertakes projects from local to high-end designs in accordance with of ANSA, MoPW, MRRD, MoUD, AASHTO, NACTO Guidelines for urban streets, AASHTO Guide for Pavements Structure Design (1993), AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications Metric (2011), FHWA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (2009), AASHTO Highway Safety Manual (HSM), ACI 301M Specifications for Structural Concrete, ACI 318M-08 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, 2008 Edition, ACI 360R-06 Design of Slabs-on-Ground, 2006 Edition, UBC, ABC, ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures, IBC, AISC, ASCE, FAA. AC 150/5320-6D flexible pavement design for airports runway, FAA. AC No. 150/5320-6C rigid pavement design for airport runway, MS-1 thickness design for highway and streets, MS-11 thickness design for air carrier airports, ACPA (American concrete pavements association) for concrete pavements design, FHWA. HEC and HDS (hydraulics design series) for hydrology and hydraulics design, and other relevant standards.

Transportation design:

For many years, AEA transportation professionals have provided solutions to efficiently and economically move people and goods. Today, AEA talents and resources are available to assist private and public clients with every phase of traffic engineering, planning and designs, ranging from conceptual studies to complex design documents preparation.

Our designers are heavily involved in the use of computer-simulation programs to provide solutions for major transportation features such as:

    • Planning
    • Geometric design
    • Pavement design
    • Traffic management
  • Road structures design

Using latest computer aided design software. Such as:
ARC GIS Ver10.5

Environmental & Water Resources Engineering design:

As a result of growing public opinion and increasing legislative pressure, ever increasing standards of environmental management and compliance are in demand. AEA, multi-disciplinary strengths allow us to offer a full range of professional advice in all aspects of the environment.
Our aim is to provide cost-effective and practical environmental solutions to the highest standards. Our philosophy is based on technical excellence and a total commitment to our clients’ needs. In the increasingly sophisticated environmental sector our unique strength is the ability to balance environmental, economic and technical and policy issues.
It is well known that environment related problems are the warmest and major issues of today world, because of its impact on both health of human and the economic development of a country.

As a country development partner, AEA provides major environmental solutions as listed below:

  • 1.Hydrology “Surface Water Analysis”
    2.Hydrogeology “Ground Water Analysis”
    3.Urban Hydrology “Storm Water Analysis”
    4.Hydraulics design
    5.Watershed Management
    6.Sewer shed Management
    7.Flood study  Flood Risk Analysis
    • Flood Plains Management
    8.Urban water supply
    • distribution network design
    • water main distribution reservoirs
    9.Waste water engineering
    • sewer network design
    • waste water treatment design
    10.Solid waste management
    • solid waste collection/disposal systems
    • solid waste sanitary landfill design
    11.Environmental management system
    • environmental protection guideline
    • environmental impact assessment
    12.Air pollution
    13.Water pollution
    14.Environmental impact assessment
    15.Environmental modeling
    Using latest computer aided design software. Such as:


AEA provides comprehensive services on analysis, design, detailing and retrofitting of a great bunch of structures categorized as:


Our philosophy is based on technical excellent and a total commitment to clients. Taking projects through from feasibility to detailed design, construction and commissioning, our engineers are committed to ensure our projects meet clients’ needs.

Successful construction depends on effective teamwork by the entire specialist in the design team backed by long experience of working closely with other construction industry profession. AEA’s priority is to ensure a coordinated approach to design concepts and details leading to integrated construction solutions as a local. AEA’s technical capabilities cover a wide range of disciplines extending well beyond the traditional role of The structural engineer.

Our network of associates throughout the country gives clients the benefit of a local high quality services backed by additional support from the resource of the whole ltd, such as access to advanced computing facilities, the latest analytical methods, or the advice of other specialists with many years of practical experience.

We support all phases of the structural engineering design process, right from design and modeling to analysis of pre-existing designs and construction documentation.
Our structural engineers work closely with other architectural and engineering specialists to define and refine a client’s requirements within the context of cost, quality, functionality and aesthetics. Our goal is to develop safe and cost-effective solutions derived from an optimum balance of all relevant engineering aspects.
Our structural design engineers using internationally recognized structural codes as that are mentioned above.

Using latest computer aided design software. Such as:

  • CSI ETABS (Linear and Non-Linear Analysis) With Advanced Standard Report
  • CSI SAP [Stair Design, Shell Structure, Dome Design….)
  • CSI Bridge: [Design of All Types of Bridges]
  • CSI Columns: [ Evaluation of Existing Structures’ Columns……]
  • STAAD Pro: Design of All Types of Structures with Advanced Methods, Ram Connections, Steel Structures Connections
  • STAAD Foundation: Advanced Design of All Footing Types, Mat Foundation, Pile Design, Pile Cap Design with advanced Report and Detailing
  • All Pile: Design and Evaluation of Pile Foundations

Construction Project Management Services:

The AEA design and trainings company construction project management services provide assurance to the owner of a well-run, problem-free job site. The team of experienced construction professionals provides cost control, scheduling coordination, quality control and timely execution of plans throughout the project AEA knowledge of local building codes, life Safety requirements, permitting and other local nuances in the construction process is critical in the project’s on-time and on-budget completion according to plan. The owner’s interest is represented throughout the project, from start to finish, ensuring schedule Compliance, coordinating proper document control and optimizing the owner’s investment in the project.

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Construction Equipment’s
  • Risk Analysis
  • S-Curve Analysis

In design/build projects, owners contract directly with a single entity—the design- builder—to provide both design and construction services. Design/build services may be provided by a single firm, a team of experts or as a joint venture and can offer clients with a number of advantages. Planning, design, engineering and construction responsibilities are integrated under one single source, thereby facilitating project delivery by streamlining the overall process. Design/build project success is accomplished by applying a comprehensive project team management delivery system. The AEA, design team’s experience covers a broad range of professional services, from consulting and feasibility studies, to the complete design, engineering and construction expertise to fully implement a project. The planners, designers, engineers and builders work in concert throughout the entire project towards the common goal of providing a quality product at a competitive price.

Using latest computer aided design software. Such as:

  • Primavera 16.2
  • MS Project 2016
  • MS SQL
  • MS Excel Spreadsheets
  • QCS & RMS

QA Planning

  • Allocate resources for optimal QA.
  • Prepare a checklist of sources to be evaluated.
  • Identify critical data elements and impacts on results and utility of the inventory.
  • Review questionnaire design.
  • Schedule routine checking of calculations and data entry.
  • Prepare data checking programs incorporating standard range and missing data checks.
  • Plan audit procedures.

Trainings Services

AEA provides highly professional engineering trainings which makes a great share of capacity building for afghan engineers.
We are continually attempting to extend the scope and bring theoretical knowledge into action, especially to coincide Afghanistan conditions.
You can also be one of many lucky engineers that attending AEA to learn today and serve community tomorrow.
AEA provides professional engineering trainings and solutions that fits to real-world problems considering our country’s local practice and possibilities.
To become a professional designer, AEA is your destination. You can find more than your expectations.
We provide trainings of:


Afghanistan Engineers Association

Materials Testing Laboratory

Our Materials Testing Laboratory Services is joined with Shawal Geotechnical Engineering Materials Testing Laboratory (AEA & Shawal GEMTL) have though a team of experienced professional and aggressive pursuit of new technology (AEA & Shawal GEMTL) has built long-term relationships with industry partners and clients. We bring integrity, innovation,  and quality to every project, our firm prides itself in providing quick response to all site consideration we also offer highly competitive pricing through the design permitting and construction process.


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our firm, the Afghanistan Engineers Association Materials Testing Laboratory. Our company is certified by US Army Corps of Engineers as a Geotechnical and Materials Testing Company and has established with a fully equipped Geotechnical, soils, aggregates, concrete, Cement, asphalt and bitumen testing equipment’s. The laboratory located at: 2nd floor of AEA building, Front of Ariana Kabul Wedding Hall, Merwais Maidan, Kabul, Afghanistan. We are a team of well experienced engineers and geologists specializing in construction materials testing, materials engineering, geotechnical engineering, Consultations Supervision and special inspection services.

Company Strategy

The Company’s strategy is to establish and maintain long term partnerships with clients by providing services that meet with client’s quality, budget and program requirements and by providing full communication and support to clients both during and after each project. We believe that the way to provide and maintain a quality service to clients is through regional centers of excellence throughout the Afghanistan. Each of our regional centers is managed by an experienced practitioner and staffed by experienced and qualified engineers and geologists.


1‐Construction materials testing
2‐Materials engineering
3‐Geotechnical engineering
4‐Special inspection services
5‐Consultations Supervision
6‐Soil investigations
7‐Preparation of geotechnical and hydrological reports
8‐Preparation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans
9‐Asphalt, Concrete, and Aggregate Bases mix designs
10-Technical Training Program (TTP)

1- Geotechnical Engineering:

  • Preliminary and design subsurface exploration
  • Boring of Soil
  • Test Pits Excavation
  • Standard penetration tests (SPT)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
  • Plate Bearing Test
  • Site selection and planning assistance
  • Shallow foundation design recommendations and analysis
  • Slope stability analyses and earth retention systems, retaining walls, etc.

2- Laboratory Services for:

  • Aggregates Testing
  • Masonry Testing
  • Asphalt Testing
  • Rock/Soil Testing
  • Concrete Testing
  • Steel Testing

Special inspection services

Consultations Supervision
Soil investigations
Preparation of geotechnical and hydrological reports
Preparation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans
Preparation of Bill of quantities
Preparation of Projects technical proposals
Mix designs of Asphalt, Concrete, and Aggregate Bases
Asphalt concrete batch plant and pavement construction inspection, and etc.



AEAMTL has a keen understanding of the local geology and construction standards in
the geographies in which we provide services. The experience allows us to provide cost- effective solutions that minimize time delays during construction and design


our highly-skilled and dedicated Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering professionals help businesses achieve compliance with international, and local regulations.


The Countrywide AEAMTL network has over 50 employees with 4 offices countrywide


AEAMTL’ Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering division has experience in both the public and private sectors projects
We can provide geotechnical services for complex multi-story and high-rise projects, dams projects, airport and rapid transit projects, educations facilities, commercial development, and road and bridge projects. The previous projects experience with which we work and the various Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering services we provide requires us to approach each project with a clean slate and develop a customized solution to meet each client’s goals. Our experience in various geographies and with a multitude of projects and materials ensures that we can provide the field services and laboratory analysis that you need to keep your design and construction tasks on schedule and on budget. From assistance in site selection to development of quality assurance programs and from field services to laboratory analysis, you can rest assured that AEAMTL will provide you with sound, dependable analyses

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What construction materials do AEA MTL test?
AEAMTL, and its qualified professionals, provide field testing services and laboratory assessments of all types of construction materials, including aggregates, masonry, asphalt, concrete, rocks/soils, and even steel.

Providing cost-effective geotechnical and materials Testing Services


Testing of construction materials and geotechnical analysis are essential in building structures that meet regulatory requirements and will stand the test of time. To minimize costly construction delays, you need a reputable partner to ensure that construction materials meet design specifications and that the site you have chosen is adequate for the structure you wish to place on it


What are Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering services?

AEA MTL is a national leader in providing Geotechnical Engineering and Constructio

Materials Testing, Geotechnical Engineering and quality assurance testing and inspection requires a consulting engineering firm that is both knowledgeable and experienced in the local geology and regional and national standards. AEAMTL ability to advise, interpret, and produce time, accurate reports, adds value to our clients’ projects through achieving tangible benefits including:

  • Providing cost-effective geotechnical and materials issues solutions
  • Assisting in developing and implementing quality assurance programs
  • Complying with regulatory requirements

Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering Services include:

  • Geotechnical Subsurface Explorations
  • Geotechnical Engineering Services
  • Geotechnical and Construction Materials Testing Laboratory Services
  • Construction Materials Testing Field Services
AEA Technical Training Program (AEA-TTP)

AEAMTL is a very well-established Geotechnical engineering/ Materials testing company with a training facility at the Head Office, for Engineers and Technicians which is attached to the Materials Testing Laboratory. This facility undertakes regular training programs for soil, Aggregate, Concrete, Cement, Bitumen, Hot Mix Asphalt, Geotechnical Investigation, Steel and other materials testing (classroom training supported by visual and actual laboratory practices and field sampling). Several soil and other materials technicians have benefited from this program and are currently working for other consultants, contractors, and regional roads authorities in the country
In addition, in order to enhance and develop the professional capability of fresh university graduates in civil engineering, the company provides practical professional initiation to 2 – 4 senior students each year, including their performance evaluation which is graded as part of their course work. The duration of the practical attachment ranges from two to three months depending on each university’s academic calendar
AEA MTL Engineering provides training service in soil and other material testing to produce qualified construction materials laboratory technicians. And quality control Engineers in addition, it gives training in engineering software application to engineers and technicians

Our qualified and experienced instructors will teach you theoretical and practical information you need in the following programs:
Available Courses Include:

  • Soil Sampling and Testing
  • Aggregate Sampling and Testing
  • Concrete Sampling and Testing
  • Cement Sampling and Testing
  • Bitumen Sampling and Testing
  • Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Sampling and Testing
  • Geotechnical Investigation Sampling and Testing
  • Steel Sampling and Testing

The program upon successful complete of the class, graduates will receive a “certificate of completion

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