Afghanistan Engineers Association (AEA) is a social, cultural and academic entity, which provides technical, cultural and academic services for the people of Afghanistan. Afghanistan Engineers Association (AEA) was established in 2008 in Kabul, Afghanistan and registered with Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2009 as an independent assembly. Fortunately, during short time, AEA was appreciated and developed by the Afghan engineers and now we have five agencies which are providing engineering and capacity building services in different provinces of Afghanistan. The members of AEA exceed 2500, from which comprises professionals and specialists and permanent members which are all registered at AEA.

We are providing engineering and capacity building services including conducting of technical and civil trainings and other technical services by Afghan professionals for Afghanistan people. In addition, we are starving to boaster the rehabilitation process of our country’s infrastructures. Moreover, we provide technical and professional trainings for the engineering university students and graduates. As well as AEA provides opportunity and facility for Engineering universities teachers and lecturers all around Afghanistan to pursue their researches at AEA.

AEA cooperates Afghan engineers in various aspects of their lives; we undertake job placement programs for them; boaster them to have their rights not swept in the disputes that they may have; support them financially in case of unexpected injuries or accidents.

AEA is a 100% Afghan managed entity, which since its establishment works with Afghan engineers and Afghan engineering private and public entities. AEA with its mandates defined as raising the technical and managerial knowledge of Afghan engineers and entities so far have been capable of successfully contributing its part in terms the economic and social development of the Afghan society. Having its branches in Afghanistan and overseas, AEA has developed an interlinked community of Afghan engineers both inside Afghanistan and outside the country. AEA is committed to create capabilities, build and develop capacities.

AEA supports variety of areas as of engineering such as construction, contracting, designing, planning, scheduling, mining, and industrial engineering. We have situated offices regionally and internationally. With AEA, you will experience a friendly organizational culture that is strictly oriented toward making progress and achieving accomplishments. We welcome you to know further about AEA.

Years of dedicated services in engineering fields such as surveying, design, planning, construction, operation and maintenance, AEA is now a credible agency and with a record of accomplishment delivering projects on time and with quality to the clients. Particularly, AEA has now the human resources and expertise in consulting with regard to construction, master planning and site designing, water and electrical systems, security walls and fencing.

AEA offers a broad spectrum of expert engineering services ranging from conception to the completion and operation of the development projects. The scope of these services covers feasibility studies, surveying & mapping, designs tender & contract documents, construction/installation supervision, contract management, and post construction services as well as services in relation to monitoring, fire alarm, alarm systems & evaluation, social and integrated rural development sectors.

We provide our clients with one-stop-engineering solutions where all their engineering needs from A to Z like cutting, filling, grading, compaction, foundations, structures, roofing, finishing, electrical, plumbing, doors, and windows etc are gratified. AEA is a nationwide integrating agency. We find the developed engineering resources and quality services with affordable price and service for our clients and we conduct our services responsible to
Achieve a superior return balanced with long term growth of our own and our clients.

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