Engineers social and cultural activities center

This division is concerned with the integration of the Afghan engineers and involving them in different levels of decision making. The division comprises Civil Society Department which is mostly concerned with cultural activities and Social Activities Department. The Civil Society Department coordinates the approaches of Afghan Engineers and Afghan Engineering Entities in terms of contributing to the development of civilized Afghan community. Particularly, at AEA we have organized voluntary groups of engineers backing several sectors of civil society. In the last 15 years’ brutal murders of Afghan engineers have been recorded in almost all provinces of Afghanistan. AEA regularly holds conferences in support of the families of the murdered engineers. In addition, in close cooperation with the other civil society advocating entities, AEA represents Afghan engineers to lead the Afghan society toward a bright and free of violence future.

The Social Activities Department organizes gatherings of the Afghan engineers beyond the context of the technical fields of engineering. It paves the way for Afghan engineers to exchange ideas and share their problems so that with they could help one another to overcome challenges they face in personal life. So far, AEA has donated hundreds of engineers for the cause of supporting their families. Moreover, AEA has treated mentally, some of the engineers who have recovered from accidents that have affected psychologically their life.
The division also runs a magazine that has its Article of Association registered approved by the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The magazine publishes research papers and social papers developed by individuals or entities that are concerned with the engineering industry of Afghanistan. In addition, the magazine is a good source of financial support to AEA; advertisings from engineering entities are published and they are charged according. Moreover, the magazine incorporates the ads of our training programs and particular research approaches that our engineering teams undertake.

Social and cultural activities of AEA

  • Supporting civil society and setting the role of Afghan engineers in society
  • Working for the support of Afghan culture
  • Making relations between all engineers inside Afghanistan
  • Making relations between all engineers outside Afghanistan
  • Defending for all Afghan Engineers rights inside Afghanistan or outside Afghanistan
  • Finding job for all Afghan Engineers and providing secure work places
  • Trying and cooperating for the resolving of economic, social, academic, professional and technical problems of all Afghan engineers

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