Quality of construction projects

Quality of construction projects has been evaluated at AERC by a team of professional profiles of the construction industry. The findings we have had so far has been as follows:
The basic guilty party here is the Afghan government that has yet not been able to support us in the technical and professional aspects. Shortcoming and disregarding of the government about the construction and other national sectors, lack of procedures and laws about construction, low capacity of governmental entities, lack of control and close monitoring and finally corruption caused road projects, building projects, dam projects and etc to be implemented with a low quality. After the completion of the projects, a major part of the life cycle of the project is damaged and needs rehabilitation and this means that national treasure has been destroyed and the cooperation of international community has been abused and the notoriety is referred to the implementing bodies of the government.
Particularly the following issues are the main causes of the low quality projects:

•Shortcoming of professional cadres and low capacity of governmental setups
•Corruption in the governmental offices
•Lack of construction law
•Contradictions in the current procurement laws and ambiguities in them
•Lack of monitoring
•Lack of specialized construction companies and low capacity of some companies
•Lack of financial resources availability of some companies
•Low knowledge level of engineers
•Lack of national accepted norms in the construction works
•Low quality of construction materials imported from other countries
•Lack of standard machinery and equipment in Afghanistan
•Security critical situations in some job sites

To resolve the above mentioned problems, AERC has been busy and is currently working with credible professors to develop a proper solution for the challenges mentioned above. In this regard as we make progress we will update you. As well, when our comprehensive report and research is completed we will let you have it in soft or hard as per your request.





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