AEAs Marketing Package

AEA’s Marketing Package

Overview: For better and lucrative business activities, please Be invited to complete your perception about AEA.

We accept your advertising with fair prices. Also, we Will be have gone strategies to have should been

Promote your work and operation. Multiple states, AEA Have developed such as website, Facebook page, brochures, and conferences which we will be at your service.

The Ways We Market For You

Market Through Magazine

Market Through Website

Market Through Facebook

Market Through Conferences

Market Through Other Occasions

Market Through Magazine

Your advertisings will be accepted in the following parts Of the magazine:

C2 (The Second Cover Page)

C3 (The Third Cover Page)

C4 (The Back of the Magazine)

Specific ads at our headers, footers, and any other page As per your recommendation is also available

Marketing Through Website

Golden Chance

In case you sponsor our magazine at any part, we are free

For your ads in the website.

The Website Interlinks Facebook to Your Services           

Marketing through the Brochures

We will introduce you to your customers via our brochures distribute for classes of:

  • Universities
  • Institutes
  • Courses
  • Schools

Marketing Through the Facebook

Facebook is the champ of ads and AEA’s Facebook page is the champ of all the centers.

We Accept:

  • Your ready-made postings
  • Our ready-made postings
  • Your ready-made texts with web links
  • Our ready-made texts with web links for you

Conference Sponsorship

AEA holds conferences that discusses multiple issues relating to the engineers. In this context we can develop the agenda of the gathering and relevant bodies governmental non-governmental, community inspirational themes are invited and many other personalities will present on their behalf to that end AEA will also call upon our marketing team to present your company.

Other Occasions

Our Five divisions which are:

  • Social and Cultural Center
  • Engineers Relation Center
  • Educational and Professional Center
  • Engineering Entities Coordination Center
  • Research and Monitoring Center

Will hold any occasion to market for you that

Would be compatible to our operations.

Schedule of Sponsorship

Immediate Sponsorship

3 Months Sponsorship

6 Months Sponsorship

Grand Ambassador

Note: You may apply for one or all of the above Mentioned channels of marketing.

Thank You



Main Goals

However, in a more narrowed way, the objectives of AEA incorporated in the Article of Association that is approved by the Ministry of Justice are as follows:

  • Finance and Administration of AEA
  • Daily finance activities of AEA
  • Daily administration activities of AEA
  • Afghan Engineers Relation Center

Afghanistan Engineers Relation Center cooperates Afghan engineers in various aspects of their lives; we undertake job placement programs for them; boaster them to have their rights not swept in the disputes that they may have; support them financially in case of unexpected injuries or accidents.

Afghan Engineers Relation Center activates

  • Supporting civil society and setting the role of Afghan engineers in society
  • Working for the support of Afghan culture
  • Making relations between all engineers inside Afghanistan
  • Making relations between all engineers outside Afghanistan
  • Defending for all Afghan Engineers rights inside Afghanistan or outside Afghanistan
  • Finding job for all Afghan Engineers and providing secure work places
  • Trying and cooperating for the resolving of economic, social, academic, professional and technical problems of all Afghan engineers.


  • Social and cultural activities of AEA
  • Supporting civil society and setting the role of Afghan engineers in society
  • Working for the support of Afghan culture
  • Making relations between all engineers inside Afghanistan
  • Making relations between all engineers outside Afghanistan
  • Defending for all Afghan Engineers rights inside Afghanistan or outside Afghanistan
  • Finding job for all Afghan Engineers and providing secure work places
  • Trying and cooperating for the resolving of economic, social, academic, professional and technical problems of all Afghan engineers
  • Educational and Professional activities of AEA
  • Educational, professional, technical, cooperation in rising the capacity of engineers and students
  • Holding educational courses and professional courses and technical courses for the rising of the knowledge status of engineers and students
  • Holding professional and academic programs for the rising and creating the capacities for personnel and governmental management and private companies and NGOs
  • Holding academic professional and technical workshops for engineers and students
  • Providing study materials for books articles of knowledgeable work for the public awareness of engineers and students
  • Arrange, publishing and distributing of the academic work of teachers, individuals, and other personnel
  • Cooperation in the providing of the curriculum of schools and universities and other institutions
  • Research and Monitoring activities of AEA
  • Research in the technology and knowledge for the growth of technology in Afghanistan
  • Research in the rising of the quality status of construction projects and also monitoring of the projects
  • Research in the social disputes, academic disputes and professional and technical disputes to the national level
  • Research about the curriculum of the country in regard of the educational organizations and also monitoring from the quality
  • Cooperation in the research and monitoring about programs of academic and technical that is program by the government and foreign NGOs and are implementing in the level of the country


  • Supporting engineering entities and coordinating them
  • Supporting the coordination between construction companies, and providing plans for the rising of the quality of the construction projects
  • Supporting the coordination between internal NGOs and private consultancies and services companies that work in the engineering sector and also arranging their developmental programs
  • Supporting the coordination between the assemblies and engineering entities to bring them under the cover of AEA
  • Relating all engineering entities to each other and bring them to a same ceiling namely AEA and providing them plans and schemes for the bettering of the engineers and engineering industry standards of Afghanistan.


Afghanistan Engineers Association MTL

Our Materials Testing Laboratory Services is joined with Shawal Geotechnical Engineering Materials Testing Laboratory (AEA & Shawal GEMTL) have though a team of experienced professional and aggressive pursuit of new technology (AEA & Shawal GEMTL) has built long-term relationships with industry partners and clients. We bring integrity, innovation, and quality to every project, our firm prides itself in providing quick response to all site consideration we also offer highly competitive pricing through the design permitting and construction process.
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our firm, the Afghanistan Engineers Association Materials Testing Laboratory. Our company is certified by US Army Corps of Engineers as a Geotechnical and Materials Testing Company and has established with a fully equipped Geotechnical, soils, aggregates, concrete, Cement, asphalt and bitumen testing equipment’s. The laboratory located at: 2nd floor of AEA building, Front of Ariana Kabul Wedding Hall, Merwais Maidan, Kabul, Afghanistan. We are a team of well experienced engineers and geologists specializing in construction materials testing, materials engineering, geotechnical engineering, Consultations Supervision and special inspection services.
Company Strategy
The Company’s strategy is to establish and maintain long term partnerships with clients by providing services that meet with client’s quality, budget and program requirements and by providing full communication and support to clients both during and after each project. We believe that the way to provide and maintain a quality service to clients is through regional centers of excellence throughout the Afghanistan. Each of our regional centers is managed by an experienced practitioner and staffed by experienced and qualified engineers and geologists.

1‐Construction materials testing
2‐Materials engineering
3‐Geotechnical engineering
4‐Special inspection services
5‐Consultations Supervision
6‐Soil investigations
7‐Preparation of geotechnical and hydrological reports
8‐Preparation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans
9‐Asphalt, Concrete, and Aggregate Bases mix designs
10-Technical Training Program (TTP)

1- Geotechnical Engineering:
  • Preliminary and design subsurface exploration
  • Boring of Soil
  • Test Pits Excavation
  • Standard penetration tests (SPT)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
  • Plate Bearing Test
  • Site selection and planning assistance
  • Shallow foundation design recommendations and analysis

Slope stability analyses and earth retention systems, retaining walls, etc.

2- Laboratory Services for:

  • Aggregates Testing
  • Masonry Testing
  • Asphalt Testing
  • Rock/Soil Testing
  • Concrete Testing
  • Steel Testing
    Special inspection services
    Consultations Supervision
    Soil investigations
    Preparation of geotechnical and hydrological reports
    Preparation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans
    Preparation of Bill of quantities
    Preparation of Projects technical proposals
    Mix designs of Asphalt, Concrete, and Aggregate Bases
    Asphalt concrete batch plant and pavement construction inspection, and etc.
    AEAMTL has a keen understanding of the local geology and construction standards in
    the geographies in which we provide services. The experience allows us to provide cost- effective solutions that minimize time delays during construction and design
    our highly-skilled and dedicated Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering professionals help businesses achieve compliance with international, and local regulations.
    The Countrywide AEAMTL network has over 50 employees with 4 offices countrywide
    AEAMTL’ Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering division has experience in both the public and private sectors projects
    We can provide geotechnical services for complex multi-story and high-rise projects, dams projects, airport and rapid transit projects, educations facilities, commercial development, and road and bridge projects. The previous projects experience with which we work and the various Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering services we provide requires us to approach each project with a clean slate and develop a customized solution to meet each client’s goals. Our experience in various geographies and with a multitude of projects and materials ensures that we can provide the field services and laboratory analysis that you need to keep your design and construction tasks on schedule and on budget. From assistance in site selection to development of quality assurance programs and from field services to laboratory analysis, you can rest assured that AEAMTL will provide you with sound, dependable analyses
    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
    What construction materials do AEA MTL test?
    AEAMTL, and its qualified professionals, provide field testing services and laboratory assessments of all types of construction materials, including aggregates, masonry, asphalt, concrete, rocks/soils, and even steel.
    Providing cost-effective geotechnical and materials Testing Services
    Testing of construction materials and geotechnical analysis are essential in building structures that meet regulatory requirements and will stand the test of time. To minimize costly construction delays, you need a reputable partner to ensure that construction materials meet design specifications and that the site you have chosen is adequate for the structure you wish to place on it
    What are Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering services?
    AEA MTL is a national leader in providing Geotechnical Engineering and Constructio
    Materials Testing, Geotechnical Engineering and quality assurance testing and inspection requires a consulting engineering firm that is both knowledgeable and experienced in the local geology and regional and national standards. AEAMTL ability to advise, interpret, and produce time, accurate reports, adds value to our clients’ projects through achieving tangible benefits including:
  • Providing cost-effective geotechnical and materials issues solutions
  • Assisting in developing and implementing quality assurance programs
  • Complying with regulatory requirements
    Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering Services include:
  • Geotechnical Subsurface Explorations
  • Geotechnical Engineering Services
  • Geotechnical and Construction Materials Testing Laboratory Services
  • Construction Materials Testing Field Services
    AEA Technical Training Program (AEA-TTP)
    AEAMTL is a very well-established Geotechnical engineering/ Materials testing company with a training facility at the Head Office, for Engineers and Technicians which is attached to the Materials Testing Laboratory. This facility undertakes regular training programs for soil, Aggregate, Concrete, Cement, Bitumen, Hot Mix Asphalt, Geotechnical Investigation, Steel and other materials testing (classroom training supported by visual and actual laboratory practices and field sampling). Several soil and other materials technicians have benefited from this program and are currently working for other consultants, contractors, and regional roads authorities in the country
    In addition, in order to enhance and develop the professional capability of fresh university graduates in civil engineering, the company provides practical professional initiation to 2 – 4 senior students each year, including their performance evaluation which is graded as part of their course work. The duration of the practical attachment ranges from two to three months depending on each university’s academic calendar
    AEA MTL Engineering provides training service in soil and other material testing to produce qualified construction materials laboratory technicians. And quality control Engineers in addition, it gives training in engineering software application to engineers and technicians
    Our qualified and experienced instructors will teach you theoretical and practical information you need in the following programs:
  • Available Courses Include:
  • Soil Sampling and Testing
  • Aggregate Sampling and Testing
  • Concrete Sampling and Testing
  • Cement Sampling and Testing
  • Bitumen Sampling and Testing
  • Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Sampling and Testing
  • Geotechnical Investigation Sampling and Testing
  • Steel Sampling and Testing
    The program upon successful complete of the class, graduates will receive a “certificate of completion

Teaching policy

After our training project was awarded to AEA we have tried our best to offer a great service for students, from the point of view of teaching materials, teaching equipment’s and other operative facilities in order to teach the specific program in a professional manner and offer the best service.
For teaching of these programs, AEA appointed professional teachers who had more than five years’ experience in the field of teaching of engineering programs with one teacher assistant.
The program trainers had a specific teaching outline in order to teach the programs according to a specific schedule, that participants can use the programs effectively and solve their office problems from point of view and other technical issues.
AEA administration had a great and effective evolution from start up to the end of programs in order to upgrade the teaching quality.
The trainees were very happy and consent from teaching method including teaching materials and the teaching system.
These programs were very gainful for improvement of knowledge of the participants.
These programs improved their knowledge so much especially from the point of view of modern technology.
The feedback from students and their satisfactory from these programs testify the effectiveness of these training programs.
Upon completion of all programs all the participants will be able to use their field as a cleaver user without any problem.
All trainers and AEA administration appreciate the manner and talent of trainees; during the period of these programs, all the participants were very regular, polite and cooperative.
All the participants were very active and intelligent.
In future all the trainees who participated in our training programs, will be able to work in their field and related software to survey, sketch, draw and design any kind of engineering project.
The impressions of this Relation Center are a lot to be told about; first this Relation Center has brought a lot changes to our minds in order to be a hardworking man in society with an open mind.
The experienced instructors are the fruitful trees in one’s society, so the instructors that we have, are well trained and well treated instructors, which caused that we should have a healthy Relation Center.
The punctual student is he/she who has done his/her assignments on time, and beside this he/she was well behaved with class fellows, beside all this he/she was more disciplined in the class, which could be a good example for the rest of students.
As the instructors are always trying their best, to recommend good things for the students about their future, in fact the instructors are the best guiders in one’s life; client's respected instructors have been recommended us always the best methods toward our future that is why now these days, our client's feel comfort and relaxed those things that they have learned so far that they are really grateful for our cooperation that they have shown, and shared those things to us that we really did not know.
The feedback which has brought to us was really acceptable with good remarks and good marks.

Literature Review

The design of the capacity development programs for the Afghan workforce of civil service organizations in public and private contexts requires in depth revision. Holding short term, generally designed trainings that weigh more on theory than on practice can hardly fill the capacity gaps; a training in construction scheduling that takes 25 days and covers very general and theoretical issues, does not equip the trainee to be able for working as small construction project scheduler; the private or public entities who are offered trainings in business administration or engineering context, are usually not evaluated and an externally designed training is held for their employees; practical work in comparison to the contents and duration of the trainings is much less.

Based on your experiences from the trainings that we have held inside AEA or outside for the employees of certain organizations, we have found that the trainees usually don’t express their consent with regard to the contents and methodology of the delivery of the trainings; a trainee holding two certificates for the engineering construction surveying training he had received each for a month, registered for the training at AEA; we asked him the reason of taking the course for multiple times. He declared that the trainings did not address particular and practical items that an engineer or engineering college student would need to take; he further elaborated that an initial assessment for distinguishing the level of understanding of the trainees had not been undertaken and thus, the trainings he had taken had covered issues that he was previously familiar with.

With regard to the contents of the training, it is not to leave unsaid that yet a uniform curriculum for particular business administration or engineering classes that would meet the requirements of the market demand, does not exist. AEA as per the signed memorandum of understandings with the training centers, have realized that lack of coordinating between the private and public entities and the job seekers have caused this nonconformity; for a typical project management training, one training center has developed handouts that concentrates on a particular methodology of project management, while other training center has developed a different methodology. Now, the question rises, that which methodology is the preferred one. This question would be answered based on a demand assessment in the prevalent market of the country, which unfortunately most of the training centers and donor agencies come short with regard to.

Given that AEA has a clear approach for undertaking the training in an effective manner, we are seeking for opportunities that we would seize in terms of providing our services that would develop the capacity of the Afghan workforce. The areas in which gaps in terms of effectiveness exist are going to be assessed particularly for each organization or group of individuals for whom we are going to hold trainings. AEA has a database of the private and public entities and we have developed with most of them mutual cooperation agreements in terms of providing them the required engineering and business administration workforce and other engineering or business related services. Analyzing our records, we will be able to develop curriculums for every course that with comply with the market demand. With regard to the consistency of the trainings, AEA would represent particular schemes that would tackle trainings that would need to be continued and delivered in a manner that would last to six months in duration and would cover some certain courses. Certified engineers of these trainings that we are going to design and implement will be equipped with the required knowledge of working in the areas that the trainings will cover.