AEAs Marketing Package

AEA’s Marketing Package

Overview: For better and lucrative business activities, please Be invited to complete your perception about AEA.

We accept your advertising with fair prices. Also, we Will be have gone strategies to have should been

Promote your work and operation. Multiple states, AEA Have developed such as website, Facebook page, brochures, and conferences which we will be at your service.

The Ways We Market For You

Market Through Magazine

Market Through Website

Market Through Facebook

Market Through Conferences

Market Through Other Occasions

Market Through Magazine

Your advertisings will be accepted in the following parts Of the magazine:

C2 (The Second Cover Page)

C3 (The Third Cover Page)

C4 (The Back of the Magazine)

Specific ads at our headers, footers, and any other page As per your recommendation is also available

Marketing Through Website

Golden Chance

In case you sponsor our magazine at any part, we are free

For your ads in the website.

The Website Interlinks Facebook to Your Services           

Marketing through the Brochures

We will introduce you to your customers via our brochures distribute for classes of:

  • Universities
  • Institutes
  • Courses
  • Schools

Marketing Through the Facebook

Facebook is the champ of ads and AEA’s Facebook page is the champ of all the centers.

We Accept:

  • Your ready-made postings
  • Our ready-made postings
  • Your ready-made texts with web links
  • Our ready-made texts with web links for you

Conference Sponsorship

AEA holds conferences that discusses multiple issues relating to the engineers. In this context we can develop the agenda of the gathering and relevant bodies governmental non-governmental, community inspirational themes are invited and many other personalities will present on their behalf to that end AEA will also call upon our marketing team to present your company.

Other Occasions

Our Five divisions which are:

  • Social and Cultural Center
  • Engineers Relation Center
  • Educational and Professional Center
  • Engineering Entities Coordination Center
  • Research and Monitoring Center

Will hold any occasion to market for you that

Would be compatible to our operations.

Schedule of Sponsorship

Immediate Sponsorship

3 Months Sponsorship

6 Months Sponsorship

Grand Ambassador

Note: You may apply for one or all of the above Mentioned channels of marketing.

Thank You



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