The Transportation Report of Kabul City

Transportation system of the Kabul city has been studied at AEA by a team of professional transportation profiles of the construction industry and modern cities architecture. The findings in terms of the problems we have had so far has been as follows:

Quality of construction projects has been evaluated at AEA by a team of professional profiles of the construction industry. The findings we have had so far has been as follows: Traffic jam is one of the critical issues in Kabul city. Blocking of ways and undisciplined traffic in the city has been turned into a culture and the citizens has used to put up with it. In a national level, according to a recent speech of President Ghani, ten commissions have been working to better off the transportation system of the country and for sure one of the major cities of the country they are concerning in this regard is the Kabul city. These commissions so far has come short in fulfilling their responsibilities.
However, city transportation directly affects the city development and obviously the backbones of an industrial society that have dynamic economic activities is in general the transportation system. Thus, if we would be able to distinguish the defects at our transportation system and develop practical solutions for that and maintain an adequate transportation system that would be in according to the international standards, from one hand we would have built the pillars of a developed society and on the other hand, and on the other hand we would have decreased the weather pollution. Therefore, an appropriate transportation system would have helped in mitigating the harms of the bad weather.
Therefore, AEA considers it necessary from view point of being a relevant body to perform preliminary research and pave the way for a comprehensive approach toward the development of an authentic investigation that would end in the articulation of a practical solution to the transportation related problems of the Kabul city. AEA intends to later share the findings with the government so that they would act accordingly. According to the preliminary study that was performed by a team of ten transportation specialists at AEA, the Kabul city transportation is categorized as follows:

Particularly the categories of the transportation sections and their associated problems has been as follows:

1.Government Transport Problems
  • Usually modern vehicles are used and causes air pollution not to a great extent. (Of course the issue of low quality oil is excepted)
  • Individual or personnel vehicles of some governmental officials by locking the roads causes’ traffic jam. When the traffic jam yields at a point, all of the vehicles outstrip each other and this causes the traffic jam at another part of the city. These outstripping usually causes brutal accidents.
  • Sometimes, governmental employees abuses governmental power and vehicles. They drive their cars against the traffic regulations.
  • Governmental employees transportation vehicles when coming offices, undertakes the departure from home to office and from office to home at the same time. This is another cause of traffic jams and related problems which causes accidents.
  • 2.The National and Foreign Entities, NGOs and Companies
  • The vehicles of these entities are update and modern and from the view point of the air pollution don’t have any effects (Of course the issue of low quality of oils is excepted)
  • Particular problems have not been seen
  • 3.Loading Transport Problems
  • Large transportation trucks have been seen in the city that blocks the ways and interrupts transportation and this is also for the cause of the reluctance of the governmental officials or the reluctance of the relevant officials.
  • In some cases lack of ring roads or guiding roads with highways, the huge tracks commute inside the city which causes problems
  • Small loading trucks and in the populated areas of the city causes traffic jams
  • Parking of these trucks in non-parking areas
  • Old trucks that causes air pollution
  • 4.Public Transport Problems
  • Our findings were that at least 50% of these types of vehicles were under the international standards and at least 30% of these vehicles were old that from one hand causes air pollution and on the other hand causes accidents
  • Parking in non-parking areas, disregarding the traffic law, no eligibility of drivers, lack of awareness from the laws, not having driving license, and other issues are the problems that are seen in this type of the transport
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