We offer a fully integrated service from a fully committed and equipped team, capable of meeting every related need. Regardless of client requirement, our approach remains the same. Our first priority is to gain a thorough understanding of the requirements of client’s business and then efficiently dealing with each task as they present themselves.
In order to provide high-quality services to our valued clients we have assembled a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in design and trainings to offer our potential in providing following services:

Afghan Engineers Relation Center

Afghan Engineers Relation Center (AERC (cooperates Afghan engineers in various aspects of their lives; we undertake job placement programs for them; boaster them to have their rights not swept in the disputes that they may have; support them financially in case of unexpected injuries or accidents. Read More

Afghan Engineering Research Center

Other nations may not have the most applicable engineering techniques for rebuilding infrastructure in other countries. Afghanistan, for example, does not have well-documented engineering design and construction standards. Both U.S. and international construction standards may appear… Read More

Afghan Engineers Educational and professional Center

In this division we design and implement capacity building and development programs, hold conferences and occasions concerned with the equipping of engineers with contemporary professional trainings. We offer the trainings to individuals that are eager to enrich… Read More

Engineers social and cultural activities center

This division is concerned with the integration of the Afghan engineers and involving them in different levels of decision making. The division comprises Civil Society Department which is mostly concerned with cultural activities and Social Activities Department. Read More

Afghanistan Engineering Entities Coordination Center

This division operates for the institutional capacity building in the engineering industry of the country. It comprises three departments namely Private Entities Department, NGOs and Public Entities Department and… Read More

Finance and Administration Division

Finance and Administration Division supervises and manages the progress of Finance Department, HR Department, and Administration Department in terms of their alignment of activities with their mandates. The mentioned departments prepare their weekly…. Read More

Engineering Services Committee

Our Engineering Services is joined with Alpha United Group Construction & Engineering (AUG) have though a team of experience professional and aggressive pursuit of new technology (AEA&AUG) engineering and Consultancy Company has built long-term relationships with industry partners and clients. We bring integrity, innovation and quality to every project, our firm prides itself in providing quick response to all site consideration we also offer highly competitive pricing through the design permitting and construction process.Read More

Engineering Accreditation Committee

The distinguishing program of the engineering professionals and practitioners is being undertaken at AEA. In this approach, Afghan engineering professors inside and outside the country are accompanying us. So far since a year we have established all the formalities required in terms of the standard operating procedures. AEA approach for such a national process is based on the need in the Afghan engineering industry and related private and public enterprises. Such an approach that other countries have been undertaking, has not been yet seen in Afghanistan.Read More

Engineering Cadres Committee

Afghan Engineers Relation Center is developing a plan that is going to be implemented on engineering cadres and will guide them for the structuring of a board of engineering cadres that will contribute and help in the engineering curriculum development. This board is going to coordinate their plans with bodies of government and inter-ministerial commissions that are active in the development of study materials, support documents, and study guides..Read More