Engineering Cadres Committee

Afghan Committee of Engineers and Cadres

Afghan Engineers Relation Center is developing a plan that is going to be implemented on engineering cadres and will guide them for the structuring of a board of engineering cadres that will contribute and help in the engineering curriculum development. This board is going to coordinate their plans with bodies of government and inter-ministerial commissions that are active in the development of study materials, support documents, and study guides. With regard to this attempt, we are in contact with internal and external engineering mentors and will share the updates as we make further progress.
This committee is going to be a part of the huge success toward the organization of the cadres and curriculums of Afghanistan universities so that everything would be in a context of adequate framework and well monitoring broad based actions of great progress. For this actions to go ahead AEA works more for focusing with important university professors to advising their works for our development cadres committee will be going create their nomination process of curriculum and further improvement.

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