Finance and Administration Division


Finance and Administration Division supervises and manages the progress of Finance Department, HR Department, and Administration Department in terms of their alignment of activities with their mandates. The mentioned departments prepare their weekly reports and monthly plans to the Finance and Administration Division; the division evaluates the reports and plans and provide them with the appropriate guidance to streamline their efforts.
The division acts as a supporting body of the operations of AEA. From daily record keeping to the development of annual financial reports and statements it provides the required details to the clients, and oversight committees in terms of ensuring the accountability and transparency in the occurring expenditures.


AEA is a non-profit organization and doesn’t operate in a business context for the purpose of profit making. However, it undertakes some approaches to financially support its programs. Although, we have been receiving funds and willing to receive funds from our donors, our training programs and engineering services activities are appropriate alternatives with regard to funding.

Besides, as authorized in the Article of Association, AEA receives membership fees from individuals and entities active in the engineering industry of Afghanistan. Moreover, the researches that we have been undertaking here has been as well a good source of financial support for AEA. The research team of the Afghan Engineers covers a wide range of engineering issues. Generally, the refining of the principles and practices applied in engineering initiatives are the core of the objectives we have been starving for.


Prior to the start of every financial year, the high council enacts annual budget. As a part of the annual budget plan, the council defines all the budgetary units and their allocated budgets according to their plans. The budgetary units so far at AEA are the departments operating under one of the five divisions, general assembly, high council, and executive council.
The general flow of the annual budget enacting process is depicted as below:

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