Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment for national and international professional engineers, trainers and mentors to share their knowledge and expertise with clients through application of modern management techniques and provision of high quality services that help them to boost capacity and improve organizational performance, specifically in the post-conflict development context of Afghanistan. We provide our clients with practical and effective engineering services and trainings that will meet the national and international market demands, based on both traditional as well as innovative methods, matching on-the-ground realities.

Basic targets of AEA:

In short we:

  • Take active part in reconstruction & infrastructure sector.
  • Research and investigation in educational and technological aspects.
  • Provide Educational and professional co-operation to afghan students and engineers by holding short term and long term courses.
  • Make a relation between all afghan engineers who are inside or outside of the country.
  • Attempt to find and make new job opportunity for afghan engineers with safe work sites.
  • Attempt to solve Social, security, economical, technical and educational problems for afghan engineers.
  • Monitoring and research on engineering projects in standards ways.
  • Research and investigate to find out the basic main reasons of educational, cultural, socials and political problems and make necessary solving ways.

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