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However, in a more narrowed way, the objectives of AEA incorporated in the Article of Association that is approved by the Ministry of Justice are as follows:

Article 6) The basic objectives of the Association are as follows:

  1. Social and cultural activities of the association

Support and cooperation to strengthen and stabilize the position of engineers and students in society
Communication between all Afghan engineers and students inside and outside the country
Defending the legitimate rights of Afghan engineers and students inside and outside the country
Job search for Afghan engineers paving the way and creating a safe work area
Efforts and cooperation to solve social, scientific, professional and technical problems of engineers and students

  1. Educational and professional activities of the association
  • Educational, professional and technical cooperation in raising the level of scientific capacities of engineers and students.
  • Preparing to develop educational, professional and technical programs to raise the scientific level of engineers and students.
  • Preparing the ground for the development of educational, scientific, and professional programs and programs for the capacity building of the government personnel of private companies, companies, and other engineering institutions.
  • Preparing the order and arrangement of course materials, articles and scientific works of engineers, professors and other individual.
  • persons in coordination with the relevant departments of printing and publishing to raise the scientific knowledge of engineers and students.
  • Presenting plans, constructive suggestions to the relevant authorities to strengthen coordination and cooperation between private and public universities that operate in the field of engineering and integrating curricula and joint work to improve the quality of education.
  • In case of requesting the relevant authorities, cooperate in preparing and arranging the educational quorum of universities, educational music and other institutions.
  1. Research and supervisory activities of the association
  • Research and existence in the field of science and technology and providing the ground for the development of new technology in Afghanistan
  • Research and research in the field of quality of construction projects and cooperation in advising on improving the quality of work of construction projects
  • Research and search in social, scientific, professional and technical problems of the engineering department in the country and the order of the master plan and plans to solve the relevant problems
  • Research and existence of quality relations with the educational installer of educational and professional music and monitoring its quality
  • At the request of the relevant departments, assistance and cooperation in research programs and professional and technical scientific counseling, which is programmed by the government and national and foreign institutions to be implemented at the national level.
  1. Activities to strengthen the coordination and development of engineering organizations
  • Strengthening coordination between construction companies, preparing, arranging and arranging a network plan to improve the quality of construction projects.
  • Strengthening coordination between the internal engineers of private service and consulting companies in the field of engineering and integrating their development programs.
  • Strengthen coordination between engineering associations and unions to integrate engineering programs and unify them.
  • To pave the way for communication between all engineering institutions and to integrate all similar institutions under the umbrella of the single umbrella and to provide the necessary facilities for arranging a single plan and plan for the future of engineers and engineering systems in Afghanistan.

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