Strategic Intent

Establishing the platform and standpoint for Afghan engineers, based on which development opportunities could be seized by Afghan engineers, shapes the framework of our strategic intent. An evaluation of regionally competitive engineering industry has led us to an end of focusing on developing human resources in the engineering industry of the country. In the race of sourcing human resources, our company is committed to run and win. Moreover, plenty of assets are in hand, which could support us financially. Despite the strengths, we need to struggle elaborately and in a progressive manner so that we could overcome the competitive forces, which naturally attack every organization. AEA strives for the excellence of Afghan engineers through gaining national and international expertise in an effective and efficient manner.


Particularly the long term goals of AEA are as follows:

  • The Rehabilitation and establishment of infrastructures of Afghanistan.
  • Capacity development of Afghan engineers and as well as the workforce of Afghan government
  • Job opportunities for the Afghan engineers and students
  • Establish and maintain an effective organization for the achievement of our mission.
  • To be responsible for employees needs and empower its employees to be productive contributors to our mission.
    Enhance and promote our image as the leader in the profession.
  • Establish, promote and recognize standards of professional practice.
  • Acquire, maintain and retain the best human resources to ensure premium services.
  • Create a staff that is diverse, well trained, enthusiastic and team-oriented.
  • Promote a positive relationship with the local community, its agencies and citizens.

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