AEA began back in 2008; it was a time that there was a normative need for such an organization as AEA. There were very few centers active in the engineering industry development and those few ones were operating only in training very basic trainings. Soon, AEA made it to stand as a well-known and authenticating academic and social center. AEA first started from conducting training programs which comprised of holding courses for Afghan engineers in the field of quality control management and surveying. At that time, only main branch was established and there were no other offices of AEA at provinces.

Very soon everything changed. AEA spread its operational fields and extended its activities from Kabul to provinces. In 2009, AEA opened its Jalalabad, Maidan Wardak, and Herat Branches. Subsequently, Mazar, Kandahar, Ghazni and Kunduz branches were opened. A well-integrated network of Afghan engineers was established. AEA organized registered members whom are all engineers into appropriate departments and committees. It was time that AEA was not only undertaking basic engineering trainings but authentic and extensive engineering subjects being taught by lecturers with advanced level of expertise.

Following its Article of Association, AEA embarked on achieving its mandates that is contributing in the rehabilitation of the country; conducting engineering researches; holding capacity building and development programs; integrating Afghan engineers inside and outside the country; job placement of Afghan engineers; cooperating Afghan engineers in terms of solving their social, security, or financial problems; over sighting the rehabilitation process of the country.

Getting eligible to oversight and conduct developmental projects and research projects, AEA gained credence to act as entity that the Afghan government would reckon with for the purpose of evaluating and monitoring of engineering initiatives and building and developing the capacity of Afghan engineers and military construction projects. Working with our strategic alliances, we have on the eve of getting contracts of fuel supply, mining, and healthcare services.